F1 Visa 

PROPOSED LANGUAGE Sec. 3313.5315. Any student from a country or province outside the United States, who attends an elementary or secondary school in this state that began operating a dormitory on its campus prior to 2014, shall be permitted to participate in interscholastic athletics at that school on the same basis as students who are residents of this state, so long as the student holds an F-1 visa issued by the United States department of state. Such a student shall not be denied the opportunity to participate in interscholastic athletics solely because the student's parents do not reside in this state. 25266 25267 25268 25269 25270 25271 25272 25273 25274 25275 No school district, school, interscholastic conference, or organization that regulates interscholastic conferences or events shall have a rule, bylaw, or other regulation that conflicts with this section. 25276 25277 25278 25279

F1 Visa Talking Points as provided by Jeff Snyder

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